Get Physical


What is Get Physical?

Help raise money for 3 Little Birds 4 Life...80's style! Teams of 4 (we will place you on a team or bring your own team of 4), and try to earn the most points. The team with the most points wins!

Ways to earn points...

1 point= Finish each of the 10 stations (1pt each for a total of 10 points).

1 point= Answer a Trivia Question (this will be done after you finish a station). 1 Point/round of questions for a total of 10 points. If you get the answer wrong, no point will be given.

1 point= Do an extra exercise station (you will pick from a basket for an extra station option). 1 Point/extra exercise completed for a total of 10 extra points.

Theme Wear

The goal of this event is to dress in 80's themed workout gear. Think, leg warmers, leotards, shorts, tanks, etc. The person/team with the best dressed will win a prize!

All proceeds will benefit 3 Little Birds 4 Life. The mission of 3 Little Birds 4 Life is to enhance the lives of young adult cancer patients, ages 18-40, by granting them a Wish.

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