Workout of the Month


Are you a fitness professional?

Do you have a Workout that you would like to share with our Workout 4 Wishes Community?

  1. Video must be submitted to us using a Youtube link
  2. Video must be appropriate for all ages
  3. Video must be able to be completed with little to no equipment (think someone completing workout in their home)
  4. All different types of workouts wanted (examples: Zumba, Bootcamp, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Dance, Kickboxing, etc)
  5. The exercises in the video must be fully explained, preformed, and given information on sets/reps etc. Feel free to actually teach a class on the video for someone to complete at home
  6. May include your logo on video, please state name and business name on the video, and send us with your link the following information to add with your video
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Phone
    4. Business Name
    5. Logo
    6. Link to website
    7. Social media info/links
    8. Written instructions (Name of exercise, sets, and reps) that we can post for someone to follow if they want to take it to a gym or something.
    9. Length of video may vary

We do not promise that your Workout of the Month video or the Tip of the Week video will be used. We will have full discretion on what is posted on the Workout 4 Wishes website and social media. We will let you know the week before we use your Tips or Workout of the Month Video.