Tips of the Week

Are you a fitness or nutrition professional?

Do you have a tip that you would like to share with our Workout 4 Wishes Community?

  1. Video must be 1-2 minutes long
  2. Videos must be separate for Nutrition and Workout tips
  3. Videos must be submitted to us using a Youtube Link
  4. Videos must be appropriate for all audiences
  5. If you are doing an exercise tip, please show how to preform the exercise and add in details on sets/reps if needed
  6. Nutrition tips may include: Recipe fixes, how to cook a specific food, best cooking tool options, Macro counting tips, Protein info, Carb info/tips, and Generic Supplement info (such as BCAA info, etc) and much more. Do not include specific brand name Supplementation tips (unless approved by us first)
  7. May include your logo on video, please state name and business name on the video, and send us with your link the following information to add with your tips
    1. Name
    2. Business Name
    3. Logo
    4. Link to website
    5. Social media info/links
    6. Email Address
    7. Phone

We do not promise that your Workout of the Month video or the Tip of the Week video will be used. We will have full discretion on what is posted on the Workout 4 Wishes website and social media. We will let you know the week before we use your Tips or Workout of the Month Video.